Luci Sacred Geometry Drawing: Flower Of Life 006


生命之花圖畫有一種特殊的能量,能幫助人在靈魂層面上進行療癒。現在,我們開始了解更多有關替代能量治療的方法,例如靈氣和氣功。這些替代醫學治療師,是透過傳遞宇宙能量去為別人治療,而這些能量來自源頭(宇宙的源頭)。神聖幾何是其中一種能量療法,雖然它仍然是個很新的東西。生命之花圖畫在整合我們身體的能量場方面尤其有效。大多數人不知道神聖幾何其實是一種古老的知識,曾被很多科學家、哲學家和學者研究過,包括Nikola Tesla、Leonardo da Vinci、Plato和Rudolf Steiner等。當你在家裡或工作室掛上一幅生命之花圖畫時,它的療效會非常溫柔平靜。它會自動幫助調整能量場,將這個空間調和到一個內在平衡的狀態,讓你感到平和與愉悅。你也可以在冥想前,看著生命之花圖畫進入冥想。

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曾修讀「Sacred Geometry of the Heart Workshop」的Luci(Irene Leung),現正致力研究和繪畫生命之花。

Flower of Life drawing has a specific energy that can help people heal on a soul level. Nowadays we are starting to learn more about alternative energy healing methods, such as Reiki and Qigong. These alternative medicine practitioners work with transmitting universal energy from the Source (the origin of the Universe) for their healing work. On the other hand, sacred geometry, being one form of energy healing methods, is still a very new topic. Flower of Life drawing is particularly effective in terms of working with the energy fields of our bodies. Most people are not aware that sacred geometry is an ancient knowledge that has been studied by various scientists, philosophers and scholars including Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, Plato and Rudolf Steiner. When you hang a Flower of Life drawing in a home space or work studio, the healing effect is very gentle and calming. It will automatically harmonise these areas back to an inner balanced state, and you will feel peace and joy while living or working in such an environment. You can also meditate with a Flower of Life drawing by looking at it before you start your meditation.


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After attending the Sacred Geometry of the Heart Workshop, Luci (Irene Leung) has decided to dedicate her life to studying and drawing the Flower of Life. 

Colored pens on paper
Artwork size: A4

HKD$ 777

- 以上售價不包含畫框。如有需要,我們可提供畫框訂購服務,款式如以上照片中的相同,需時約5個工作天,畫框價錢為HKD$ 355。物料以及價格有機會因供應而變動,下單前請先確認。

- Frame is not included. However, we can order one for you (same as the one shown in the pictures above) at HKD$ 355. Ready in 5 business days. The price may vary due to the market price of the frame, please confirm with us before you place an order.

Frame details:
Maple wood. Frame with a plastic front (detachable) and a hanging wire on the back.
31.9cm×23cm frame, to fit an 30.1cm×21.2cm print, with a viewable opening of 29.1cm×20.2cm.