Luci Sacred Geometry Drawing: Metatron Cube 001


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It is said that when whales swim in the vast ocean, their songs are not just a way to communicate with each other, but also to transmit healing frequency to Mother Earth, and to awaken our soul memories so that we can see who we truly are. In addition to sound, color and light are also tools for transmitting healing energy. Drawing sacred geometry is one of such an artistic way. 


Colored pencils on paper
Artwork size: A4

HKD$ 444

- 每款畫作只此一件,售賣所得將會全數捐給Sea Shepherd
- 以上售價不包含畫框。如有需要,我們可提供畫框訂購服務,款式如以上照片中的相同,需時約5個工作天,畫框價錢為HKD$ 355。

- Each drawing is unique with no duplicates. All proceeds will be donated to Sea Shepherd.
- Frame is not included. However, we can order one for you (same as the one shown in the pictures above) at HKD$ 355. Ready in 5 business days.

Frame details
Maple wood. Frame with a plastic front (detachable) and a hanging wire on the back.
31.9cm×23cm frame, to fit an 30.1cm×21.2cm print, with a viewable opening of 29.1cm×20.2cm.