Vol 10: Autumn 2012


In this issue, we have brought the latest lookbooks of Undercover, Givenchy and Chanel to our readers. Chanel has done their fashion shoots in different natural scenes this season; the early autumn haze helps adding a romantic sense to their noble clothing. On the other hand, Givenchy emphasizes on a tough man look, while Undercover couples their latest collection with a variety of colorful plants that fully brings out the mysterious trait of the brand.

The cover story of this issue features NIGO’s personal collection. The editorial team has specially visited NIGO’s home in Japan, and revealed every piece of his collection as well as the stories behind them. His enormous collection includes Star Wars figures, Beatles items, U.S. gas station neon signs, jeans and also antique cars. This is also the first time ever that NIGO has talked about his personal collection.