Vol 08: Spring 2012


The cover story features the classic fashion brand, Chanel. The editorial team has flown to Paris to visit the residence and studio where Coco Chanel has lived and worked during her lifetime to collect ground-materials, and they have also been given a tour of the factory that manufactures Chanel camellia accessories and embroideries every season.

In addition, we have visited the art supply shops, restaurants and bookstores that are frequented by Karl Lagerfield, revealing Chanel’s century-old history, unique style and spirit. In this issue, we have specially invited Virginie Viard, the current Chanel Studio Director, for an in-depth talk. Moreover, we have also included a styling section that mixes the Chanel Spring and Summer series with various brands, showing the multi-faceted characteristics of Chanel through Obscura’s point of view.

The ‘Machine’ column continues to bring introduction of a selection of antique cars to our fellow readers. In this issue, we have presented a couple of remarkable antique Japanese sport-cars that are born in the 1970s, which are the Honda Civic, Nissan Skyline GTX and the first generation Toyota Celica. Through their historical stories and mechanical design, they reflect an overview of the development of Japanese culture and car industry back in the ’70s. We have also introduced the CMC – a German model cars manufacturer, and Hot Toy – a local toy figure manufacturer. Through our in-depth presentation, we have expressed how these two geographically far apart toy manufacturers have turned toys from leisure products into highly valuable collector’s items that deserve professional appreciation.

For the interview section, we have spoked to three male fashion designers that are praised as the guardians of Japanese fashion. They are Jun Takahashi of Undercover, Takahiro Miyashita of The SoloIst, and Yosuke Aizawa of White Mountaineering respectively. This is the first time ever that they have accepted interview together by media outside of Japan, and we have carried out an extensive and in-depth interview with them, revealing the hidden sides of their personalities.



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