“Obscura X Indigo 11.50” Indigo Dyed Tote Bag Series #2


This washed cotton tote bag is one of the debut products from our label, Obscura. Using “The Art of Daily Life” as our core design concept, a simple and clean appearance is created with soft, pure white fabric. Now, it is further customised by a team of Hong Kong indigo dye craftsmen from Indigo 11.50. The unique wrinkles on the washed cloth are now in a natural shade of blue, transforming the white canvas into a view of sea-like blue.

When it comes to any natural indigo dyed product, slight discoloration may occur. The color will fade gradually with a unique look. When washing indigo dyed products, it is recommended to hand wash them in warm water at 40°C. You may also add in a small amount of soap or baking soda.  

洗水棉布包原是Obscura首輪推出的自家商品,設計上以「日常中的藝術」為原點,純白色調配合輕柔物料,塑造出樸實、素淨的外觀。最近我們找來香港天然藍染工房 ——片藍造,重新為這款洗水棉布包染色。獨特的洗水棉質皺摺,染上天然的淡藍色彩,把一片淨白帆布染成一片海洋的藍。




Width of bag body: 43cm

Length of bag body: 47cm

Length of strap: 66cm



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