Vol 01: Summer 2010


Sold Out

When we first announced the plan of the Obscura project, many thought it would be an in-house campaign promoting our product or something relating to the latest trend. With now Obscura is finally being published, we are confident that it would be a solid testimony that we have moved on from focusing entirely on the latest style.From music, car, food, to elaborate interviews with personalities form diverse backgrounds, elements that seem trivial are never just so we hope to communicate the significance of such details.

The cover story of this debut issue features Ramdane Touhami, a crazy French entrepreneur who takes command of Louis XIV’s candle factory, and the rest of us on a trip to discover the real France.

In addition, our editorial team has explored about the story behind Arc’teryx Veilance, Katsu Classic and Alden. We have also specially visited Kyoto to discover the vision of the Otokomae Tofu Inc.; and we have interviewed Ma Wing Shing, the famous Hong Kong comic artist, writer and publisher – his figurative style took the Hong Kong comic world by storm.