Vol 09: Summer 2012


Sold Out

In this issue, we continue to prepare theme stories from different fields for everyone. We invite some old friends to be the focus of our stories – Pharrell Williams from the music world and Kaws from the art world, who have both graciously shared their feelings on topics that are rarely covered. Pharrell talks about his life outside his work; and Kaws, who has been known for years, shares his experience, speaking on the issues he has faced after he began to release his meaningful creations in the ’90s.

As all of you may have noticed, ‘Machine’plays an important role in Obscura, not only because of our enthusiasm in automobiles, but also thanks to a group of people from a different industry that we’ve met in our quest of seeking hard-to-find classic automobile parts. We have Andy Duarte, a British expatriate automobile technician in this latest issue speaking to us about the unique relationship he has with the automobile. How has Andy, as an expat, managed to find himself restoring cars people would never expect to see in Hong Kong? This has become our favorite headline story.