Vol 11: Winter 2012


The cover feature in this issue is the founder of Porter Classic, Katsuyuki Yoshida. Our story begins with his fledgling days studying in Germany, to becoming Yoshida Porter Bag’s designer and founded Porter Classic. Katsuyuki also goes over his passion for collecting Leica cameras and his personal photo collection, sharing with us the heartwarming stories between the relationship with people, cameras, and photos.

Our second feature story revolves around Katsuyuki’s good friend Peter Coeln, who is the world’s first Leica Shop owner, as well as founder of WestLicht Photographica Auction. In this complementary story, Peter shares with us another perspective on the relationship between cameras and people, as well as his personal journey collecting rare and valuable cameras.

Delving into the question of “What does it mean to be a gentleman?”, we have worked up a special feature on ‘Gentlemen Style’. We invited Dunhill’s master tailor Jonathan Payne, plus well-known Japanese photographer and designer Takashi Kumagai to express their thoughts on ‘Gentlemen Style’ as well as the standards for traditional British gentlemen’s wear. In an effort to best convey the concepts and ideas behind the story, the feature is presented in easy-to-read image and text format. Going into the culture of Gentlemen-wear from the origin of its design to its history, we want to bring to light the wisdom behind this iconic styling.

Additionally, we interviewed a German couple, Gunther Holtorf and Christine, who over the past 23 years has traveled around the world on a Mercedes C Class Wagon, which to us, fully embodies the intricate relationship between man and machine.