Obscura x Fashion Clinic Slow Stitch Kit





1 / 印度走針
2 / 種子針步
3 / 捲線針步
4 / 毛氈針步




- 由片藍造染製的靛藍棉布片 ( 300x450mm ) 各三片
- Pony繡花針4號及5號 各一支
- Olympus繡花線顏色318及3042 ( 8米長 )

Slow Stitch

Treat this indigo-dyed cotton fabric as your journal, start by setting yourself a theme or a shape to start with, it can be a square, circle, or something more pictorial, and you can keep repeating the same shapes in different shades of colour. 

Simple Stitches Tutorial

1 / Kantha Stitch
2 / Seed Stitch
3 / Whipped Running Stitch
4 / Blanket Stitch 

Enjoy Your Stitch Journal

Try to give yourself a time frame, working on your stitch journal daily, weekly or monthly.

Find your own rhythm to your stitches and breathing. You can treat this as a time for meditation, observation and reflection by giving as much space between your sewing, or overlapping as much as you want.  This is how your stitch journal will grow, day by day.

This Kit Includes

Natural indigo-dyed cotton fabrics from Lantau Blue ( 300x450mm ) 3 pieces
- Pony Sewing Needles size 4 & size 5
- Olympus Threads Col. no 318 & 3042 ( 8m )