Obscura's Fukubukuro 2019


【☆ Seasonal Special|Obscura's Fukubukuro|福袋 ☆】

為慶祝新年的來臨,我們推出了期間限定的Obscura's Fukubukuro(福袋)!我們選用了可重用的環保包裝,偏厚身的胚布可用作家居裝飾或綁起來作購物袋也合適。福袋內還附上特製的小禮物,包括可愛的小豬手指玩偶,或是簡約的摺紙收納筒(兩色),希望能為你的書桌帶來一道清新的風景!

☆ 如果幸運的你在福袋內發現摺紙小豬(5位幸運兒),更會獲贈2019年春夏季號雜誌(Vol.26)!


To celebrate Chinese New Year, we have just launched the seasonal special Lucky bag — Obscura's Fukubukuro. We used reusable fabric as package wrapping (which can be also used as home decoration or tied as a shopping bag), and each Lucky Bag has included an extra handmade gift — an adorable pig finger puppet or origami paper case (2 colors), as we wish to freshen up your working desk in the new year!

☆ Five extraordinarily lucky customers who found an origami pig in your Lucky bag will receive our 2019 Spring/Summer issue (Vol.26)!


☆Obscura's Fukubukuro☆
(A) - One past issue and Obscura’s tote bag or t-shirt  $300
(B) - One past issue, Obscura’s tote bag and t-shirt  $500

◇The issues, styles of tote bags and t-shirts will be randomly sent out, unless special requests.◇