Tsuchiya Orimono-sho hand-loomed bag (S)



他們的網站上,引述了柳宗悅的一段話:「手與機械的差異,在於手是與心直接相連的。手動而心動,手心相應,創造著物件、為動件添上喜悅,同時保守著道德。 而這正是使物品變得美麗的原因。」




Located in Nara, Tsuchiya Orimono-sho is a workshop that produces everyday household items starting from the process of farming its own cotton, to the weaving and dyeing of fabric.

A quote by Yanagi Sōetsu that she posted on the website of Tsuchiya Orimono-sho saying, “The difference between handiwork and machine is the real human touch which is connected straight to the heart. […] The hands follow the heart; together, they create works with elements of joy. Intrinsically the principle and moral of handicraft are upheld, to maintain the authenticity of the works.”

Made with hand-loomed fabric which is equally substantial and soft. Carrying the bag would feel exactly like holding a comfy pillow around. The bag is sewn together from a rectangular piece of fabric using the technique of Japanese origami. When being held by hand, the bag would appear rhombus in shape; when worn on the shoulder, the bag would look turn triangular in shape like an onigiri. The bag can be folded up for easy storage, making it a perfect companion for travel or everyday use. The bag can be used on both sides.

Materials: Cotton, Linen (outer shell and lining)
Dimensions: 34cm×20cm×7cm
Safe for machine wash; dry in a cool place after wash.

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