We Collect Small Wonders Tote Bag


This washed cotton tote bag is one of the debut products from our label, ObscuraUsing “The Art of Daily Life” as our core design concept, a simple and clean appearance is created with soft, pure white fabric. There are unique wrinkles on the washed cloth, giving the bag a gentle touch of familiarity and making it the perfect daily essential. You can use it every time you go out, so as to accumulate the experiences of your everyday life and cultivate a gentle relationship between you and the objects in life.

This small-sized model features both a kendama illustration by Vivian Ho and the text  – “We collect small wonders.” – on the front.


小容量款式印有畫家Vivian Ho用水彩繪製的劍玉圖案,並附註「We collect small wonders.」一行字。



Width of bag body: 43cm

Length of bag body: 47cm

Length of strap: 66cm



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