Objects of Love Artwork #4: Measurer by Innie + Outie


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A keepsake is a kind of proof, and a promise between the giver and the receiver. Recently we have invited eight creative units to participate in making artworks for our feature story, More Than A Pledge, in our 2015 Autumn/Winter edition. These artists defined, in their own unique way, what their imagined keepsakes would be like, thus becoming this series – Objects of Love – which is now sold exclusively here on Obscura online store.

This mini-measurer is a one-off limited item, made by Innie + Outie. They are a team of two Taiwanese girls, both having great passion for metalwork and stationeries. Here is what they said about this piece:

“While holding a vernier caliper in your hand, you might think that it could help you measure every bit and piece in life, including love. In your relationship, there is no deceit; it is precise to the smallest unit, akin to the vows exchanged between lovers when they place the round ring on each other’s ring finger. ‘I will be faithful to you throughout my life, till death do us part.’ ‘Yes, I believe in you.’”

Note: This mini-measurer is an artwork and for decorative purpose only. 

信物是個憑證,也是發送者與接收者之間的承諾。我們早陣子請來八組創作單位,參與創作Obscura2015秋冬季號專題《MORE THAN A PLEDGE》的作品,以各自的方式,勾勒出信物的輪廓,成為這一系列名為「Objects of Love」的藝術品於Obscura網上商店獨家發售。





Length: 4.5cm