Objects of Love Artwork #5: Eggs by Eqqus Lee


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A keepsake is a kind of proof, and a promise between the giver and the receiver. Recently we have invited eight creative units to participate in making artworks for our feature story, More Than A Pledge, in our 2015 Autumn/Winter edition. These artists defined, in their own unique way, what their imagined keepsakes would be like, thus becoming this series – Objects of Love – which is now sold exclusively here on Obscura online store.

This plastic egg box imitation is a one-off limited item, made by Equus Lee (a member of The Cave Workshop). Here is the story as told by its creator:

“You’d think that relationships, like eggs, would break down immediately at the slightest touch. But the egg tells you otherwise: it is much more rigid than you think. Within the eggshell is a solid structure, which – like jewelry – can be used as a container of emotions.”

Note: This plastic egg box imitation is an artwork and for decorative purpose only. 

信物是個憑證,也是發送者與接收者之間的承諾。我們早陣子請來八組創作單位,參與創作Obscura2015秋冬季號專題《MORE THAN A PLEDGE》的作品,以各自的方式,勾勒出信物的輪廓,成為這一系列名為「Objects of Love」的藝術品於Obscura網上商店獨家發售。

件仿製雞蛋盒的塑膠飾品,限量一件,由The Cave Workshop的成員Eqqus Lee創作他說:「你以為關係像雞蛋是吹彈即破的,然而雞蛋卻告訴你說,它其實比你想像中要堅固得多。在蛋殻裡用的是實心組織,能像珠寶般充作情感的物質載體。」




Length: 15.5cm

Height: 10cm

Width: 10cm